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Bike Fittings




Fitting + Bike Purchase = Discount Fitting
You receive a credit of $100 towards your fitting if you decide to purchase a new complete bike.*
Does not apply to discounted bikes.


Re-Fit / Fit Check
You may come in and have your fitting checked up to 3 months after your original fitting was performed for Free. You must have had a complete fitting done by us first for this to apply. After 3 months there is a $125 per hour charge. Re-Fits are also by appointment only.

Fittings are by appointment only. Each session will be 2 hrs. or more, requiring you to ride the Serotta size cycle for 30-45 mins.  Please bring your riding apparel and a towel and be ready to ride.

At Tri-Tech, our Professional Fitting system is designed to help you be as comfortable and efficient as you can be on the correct size frame and components for overall bike fit. We are adamant that every rider should be Fit properly before buying a bike, to ensure that they are happy and ergonomically healthy on their new bicycle.  Bicycle Fit is probably the most important aspect of your new bike purchase.  Whether it is a road bike or Triathlon bicycle we can fit you!  After the Professional Fitting we have all the most popular brands, In Stock, for you to test ride and then decide which is right for you!  No guessing or hoping that the bike you want is right.  TRY IT THEN BUY!!


We cannot stress enough the importance of proper fit on a bike. This fitting should ALWAYS be done BEFORE the purchase of your new bike and by a qualified fit specialist! Christ and Leanne are both Serotta Personal and Advanced Certified and Slow Twitch "FIST" Certified with over 22 years of fitting experience to go with their extensive training. This equals Thousands of fittings performed over the years to give you the most experienced professionals in the business. Experience matters and we have more experience with tri-bike fittings than anyone else in the state of Ohio! Check out our qualifications when you get a chance.

Our Professional Fitting system is different for a Triathlon or Time Trial bike fitting versus a Road bike fitting. While both incorporate the philosophy of a number of different fit systems and programs that have been developed, we utilize the Serotta Personal and Serotta Advanced Fitting philosophy for both types of fittings. We also will utilize elements of the FIST (Fit Institute Slow Twitch) philosophy for the on-bike portion of the triathlon fitting.

For both types of fittings, we utilize a self-written computer macro that takes into account specific body measurements of each individual, and provides an outline of the best fitting bike for you. From there, we adjust our Serotta Size Cycle to those measurements and begin the process of coming up with your ideal bicycle measurements. This process is interactive where we adjust you to what is considered the ideal riding position, then take into consideration your own personal preferences and flexibility for comfort and efficiency. We know that every individual is different and their needs are all different. Your final fitting numbers will then come from our Serotta size cycle not some formula or calculation that cannot consider the individual rider. We will advise you on the ideal top tube, seat tube, stem, stem height, reach, crank length, and saddle height. We will also advise you on the position that you may want to adjust the saddle to in order to accommodate an effective angle for your riding style and preference. As every bicycle manufacturer builds their bike to a different set of specifications, we will assist you in understanding how your measurements translate to those provided by various bike companies. We will also help you appreciate the differences in geometries between the various bike types and bike companies offerings. The fit sessions are extremely interactive, and we look for your feedback and input as we proceed through the fitting session.


Our Professional fittings are by appointment due to the time required to properly fit every individual. Each session requires at least 2+ hours of your time, and will require that you ride the Serotta size cycle for a period of up to 30-45 minutes with intermittent breaks for adjustments - it is NOT a workout! Please bring your workout/riding apparel, cycling shoes, something to drink, and a towel. We tailor each session to the needs and comfort of our clients and are happy to discuss those as appropriate. The cost of the Fitting is currently $250.00. Following the fitting, if you decide to buy your new bike from us, $100.00 of the cost of the fitting will be applied to the bike purchase, so the net cost to you for the fitting will be $150.00.* If you complete a fit session and later decide to purchase a bike from us, we will credit you $100 up to 1 year after the fitting toward the cost of the new bike. We require a $100.00 plus tax Non-refundable Deposit for appointment reservations. We require 24 hour notice for cancelations. *The $100 credit does not apply to sale, discounted, or closeout bicycles.

If you wish to set up an appointment for a fitting, please call us at 614-846-1516, or email us. Our business hours are M-F, 11-6, Sat. 10-5, Sun. Closed.